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Euro Truck Simulator 2 and Control With Face

Yazar: Orhan Gazi KILIÇ — 9 Aralık 2013 Pazartesi — Saat: 14:39:00

Overshot my Turn and Causing Traffic Jam

Hi ladies and gentilmens. It's like juke, but true :). I will bob. We was going to direct, we weren't looking environment, traffic lights and traffic signboard, not see right when left turning etc... It's too easy and funny with trackir, but not easy if we haven't got a trackir.

But too easy for haven't not trackir now. Well, how to?

We will use enable viacam. It's for people not use their hands but we can use for mouse control with face in euro truck simulator 2. It is too fun and like trackir, but than not good trackir (tracker is ₺680 (TL)). Use enable viacam is too good alternative of trackir.

I strongly recommended you should use it. Download, setup, run, configure settings with the aid of enable viacam wizard and run euro truck simulator 2 and enjoy :).

And I strongly recommended again, gear up: mouse wheel forward, gear down: mouse wheel back, left signal: mouse left button, right signal: mouse right button. And ride on Turkey roads!(this was a reproach!)

This is trackir:
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