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Hotel Reservation Automation

Yazar: Orhan Gazi KILIÇ — 5 Haziran 2012 Salı — Saat: 22:37:00

         Greetings. Today I finished my work I wanted to share. Hotel Reservation Automation subject of the study. Let me give you some more information about the topic.
         This hotel reservation web The web-based application is not actually my real work. My main work of the "City Promotion Site" YDI. 81 province of Turkey proper with the City Promotion Site primarily in Kirkuk, Mosul, Thessaloniki, Nicosia, Turkestan, had Semey and cities such as Xinjiang. But because settle of certain shortcomings in the study adding priority provinces. My heart is a desire to leave the City Promotion party approached the end of her work started talking about a friend's project, Hotel Reservation. Purpose to try, I started working on the issue by using php programming language. Wednesday May 9, 2012 I started a trial basis to operate Hotel Reservation, 22:39:33 at the moment I started and that work as of (Sunday May 26, 2012, 23:29:19) to review and finished.
        I do not see but had to add maybe a help document to prepare, because I tried to make a design as lightweight as possible. Working within the contents of files and prepared a document detailing to work automation. Can be found at the end of the matter to him .. Speaking of short, automation has the three parts: the first person to make the registration process, and the second record listing, record search, edit and delete section and which can make even has üçüncüsüyse iframe showing you part of this process.
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      If you use localhost for setting up the receptionist or the most beautiful of assuming such a development would be doing or want to try (I have the possibility of data base information kaybolabilme disk fails). If you do not AppServerı downloaded from here
      Assuming you are doing, or is there at your installation, open a place to download the zipped file and otelrezervasyon/www directory otelrezervasyon folder c:\appserv\www directory, copy it into.
      In the same way otelrezervasyon/data folder in the folder in the  otelrezervasyon C:\appserv\mysql\data directory, copy it into.
      Now you just copied appserv/www/otelrezervasyon baglan.php and baglangoster.php file in the directory

@$veri_tabani = mysql_connect("localhost","root","1299");

line database user name (root) and change your password (1299). Now, the internet browser (firefox, chrome, etc.). localhost/otelrezervasyon.
        Better use. Test for: otelrezervasyon.net76.net
        Meanwhile, automation license (license) writes at the bottom of the page. Automation, and descriptions of the source code can be found below:

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